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Access Error

We are pleased to announce access to all sites has been full restored and the databases seem to be operating as expected.

Access Restricted

A sudden and unexpected database error at one site has caused access to the system to be reduced. The exact cause of the database increase has been identified as coding error that caused the database to be duplicated upon itself with each backup. We have since fixed the code.


Remind Me added to main website

Now department schedulers can send reminder about upcoming shifts from the main website. This is useful if the scheduler has access to more than one site and wants to send the reminders without sending from the individual sites. It also avoid uses from 2 or more sites getting duplicate reminders.

New Loading Counter

To alert the users that the site is still processing the data to load, a new loading counter has been added

Version 20 beta testing

We are now inviting select users to help beta-test this latest version.
The look and speed of the website has been increased by streamlining the code and using javascript to help load components in the background.

New Look

In anticipation of launching our latest version, we have also been updating the look of our website. If you like or dislike the new look, please let us know.

Server Transfer step 3 of 3 complete

We have successfully completed the final step in transferring the site to a more secure and faster server.

Server Transfer part 2 of 3 complete

The second stage of the server transfer is complete

Password Reset

We have released a new method for registered users to reset their own passwords.

Server Transfer part 1 of 3 complete

First stage of the server transfer was completed successfully. 

New Server

To improve performance and security, we are migrating to a more secure Linux server. 


Alter Multiple shifts at one time

Now, an update allows department schedulers to alter the structure of multiple shifts with a few clicks. Previously, schedulers had to alter one shifts at a time

Version 19

We are testing version 19 ... almost ready for Beta testing

Mobile friendly calendar

Our Sunday start calendar was modified to be more easily viewable on mobile devices. If you are a registered user, please select the classic Sunday start calendar to see the difference with your smart phone. We would love to get some feedback from users about this format

Update to Clickable Message

Our unique feature of allowing users to send messages with the opportunity to track when they have been viewed was updated to fix a few issues


Improved Memory Management

Reset testing by our beta-testers have revealed a "memory overrun" issue. We have since update the code responsible to fix this error.

Open testing

We are releasing the beta version to all users

Login Count

Updated module that records who logged in and when. This is part of our effort to strengthen security and also provide department with information about their users in case of a dispute.<div><br></div>

Updating Server

We are in the process of updating our server ... so a few modules will initially be off line. Once we successfully transfer the data to the new databases, we will be bring these modules back online.

CME with feedback

The CME section has been revamped allowing the author of a posting to get feedback on who viewed the posting. They can now also send an email to all users (in the sites they have access to ) about the posting directly from the program.<br>

Clickable Send

A new module was added to send users a link that will provide more information about their schedule, payments, reminder, etc. The idea if the clickable link is to allow the sender to get some notification when the user visits the linked page to view the details of the info being sent by email.<br>

Remind Me updated

Remind Me module was updated to selective send reminders of specific subsites<br>

New Grouped calendar option

We have been trying to optimize how the schedule is printed for sites with a large number of shifts. The traditional calendars, while looking great on a large screen, often prints over several pages. The new grouped calendars are a significant improvement. If the short name option is selected, these calendars will print on one page.

Large Calendar view

The "List" calendar view was modified to accommodate sites with many shifts. Often, for these sites, the schedule spreads over 2 printed pages. By truncating the user's first name, we are able to shrink these large schedule down to one page. Give it a try.<br>


myEschedule mail website

We are updating the main website to take advantage of enhanced security

Version 18

Version 18 is now in alpha devlopment

Version 17

We are updating our site to take advantage of the bootstrap framework. This will allow better cross browser and mobile device support

Error protection

Error protection module has been added to the schedule now. This feature prevents users from being double booked and/or scheduled back to back shifts.

New look

We are improving the look and security of the main login site. Take a moment to explore and provide us with some feedback on the changes


Version 16 Preview

Using jQuery mobile, we have revamped the appearance of this latest version

Version 15.3 Launch

A new version with better email and communication features is released to some sites.

Version 15

In anticipation of releasing a version for Nursing scheduling, we are now developing a new version. We are inviting all users to provide us with some feedback on features they like and others that may need inprovement


Version 14 Released

We are now releasing version 14 to our large sites with multiple calendars

Version 14 Preview

Selective sites are being invited to start using version 14

Version 13 released

This version is only being released to our test sites as it requires a major alteration of all existing databases to improve access and speed

Version 12 released

Some of our long term sites are now using Version 12 exclusively

Version 12 in the wild

Inproved security and easy of use are the hallmarks of this version

Full Scale Testing

Three sites are now using version 11 and their valuable feedback is already being incorporated into the next version. While the testing is in progress, you may notice a slight drop in the speed of the server and we run testing modules with each query<br>


A Preview of version 11

After much hardwork, we are ready to preview the new update. There are numerous security updates. The program has also been designed to work well on small screens such as PDAs and cell phones

Working on Version 11

We have expanded our development team and are now exploring some new and innovative ideas to improve the user experience

538 Registered Users

Over the past week, we added our 538th user to our growing family. In addition to our users in Canada and United States, we are also exploring the expanding of our services to Europe, Australia and New Zealand. We are looking for new partnership opportunities. Please contact us if you are interested.

Version 10

<p>We have released Ver 10 of myEschedule. There are some new and exciting changes for department schedulers and hospital administrators. Some of the improvements include:</p> <ul> <li>Improved database accuracy</li> <li>Double encrypted database backups</li> <li>Minimized the use of use of flash animation so that our presentation and instructions are easily viewed by users using mobile phones. </li> <li>Better navigation structure</li> <li>The ability to use the program even in devices that do not support Javascript</li> </ul>


400 registered users

Over the weekend, we were added our 400th user to our database. We did not expect to reach this many users this quickly but are very pleased with the results. We suspect, give the number of sites that are evaluating the software, we will soon reach 500 registered user.

Server Upgrade Part 2

Successfully completed on Sunday Oct 4, 2009. Now users of the myEschedule.com site has access to enhanced security and more frequent backups

Server Upgrade Part 1

Successfully completed on Sunday Sept 27, 2009

Upgrading to Version 9

After extensive feedback from customers, we will be upgrading to version 9. <br/> Some of the new features that will be introduced include: <ul> <ul> <li> Better algorithm to show shifts across multiple sites </li> <li>Notify Me: A simple means for your department scheduler to remind/info your about any unfilled shifts </li> <li> Better algorithms for switching or giving up a shift overall optimization of the code for speed and accuracy <ol> </li> </ul> </ul>

Introducing myEschedule.com

We are introducing a new website that will be the gateway to myERschedule, myHOSPITALschedule and myNURSINGHOMEschedule<br/> This umbrella website will help users easily navigate between the various programs. Another innovation to simplify the user experience without compromising on security and stability

View the next seven days

We have improved the main page for each site<br/> You can, in one quick glance, see your shifts for the next seven days from all the sites that you have access to<br/> . . . another innovative feature to help view your schedule

myERschedule update Ver 8.0 & myHospitalSchedule Ver 3.0

Another update to improve scheduling, availability and payments. These new features will allow users now to synchronize their schedule with outlook or iCal, download a spreadsheet version of their schedule, better algorithms for autogeneration and many more features

More Robust Availability

We have added a features that allows users to add their availability to multiple days/ shifts in one quick step. A great time saving feature

myERschedule update Ver 7.0 & myHospitalSchedule Ver 2.0

We have added a number of new features and also improved existing features in the Availability, Scheduling, Payment and Communication Modules

CME Content

<strong>macHealth</strong>: We are partnering with MacMaster University's e-learning program to bring you new and exciting interactive CME contents

myERschedule update Version 6.1

<strong>Alternate method to add users</strong>: We have introduced a new method for department schedulers to add user to the schedule. This new method allows the scheduler to add more than one users at a time and gives them partial ability to type their names rather than simply selecting it

myERschedule update Version 6.0

Reducing scheduling errors: Now schedulers from different sites can see the shifts that users are scheduled for at another sites. This helps eliminate back-to-back shifts or double booking of a particular user

New Web Presence

After months of hard work, our team has been able to update the face of myERschedule. The goal was to maintain a simple and clean interface but at the same time incorporate the wishes of our users. <br/> We would love to hear from you as to your impressions of the update. The feedback we received from users such as yourself are taken seriously and incorporated when possible. So, if you have a few minutes, please send us an email with your comments


myERschedule update Version 5.3

A new way to submit your shift preferences: The initial preSchedule feature was replaced with "Availability" feature and with this change, a new and improved method to submit your preferences was introduced

Introducing myHospitalschedule

Initial discussion was started to develop a more robust scheduling program that can handle large numbers of user and incorporate union specific rule to schedule

myERschedule update Version 5.0

A cleaner interface: A simple and server dependent method of switching on and off display features was introduced

myERschedule update Version 4.0

Addition of Sub-site: With new customers requesting that we account for departments that have a main ER and Urgent care or Prompt care, the ability to develop and display subsite calendars were introduced

myERschedule update Version 3.0

Feedback is great: Our team, after evaluating customer comments, have developed a number of new features such as "Remind Me" and better audit trails

myERschedule update Version 2.0

Ready to Hit the Road: After hours and hours of programming and testing, we are ready with a live version


myERschedule update Version 1.0

Due to a unique need at the DMH ER and prohibitive expense in customizing an existing software, Dr Jayawardene and his team started the development of myERschedule