In a nutshell, it is a scheduling program that has been developed and optimed for the health care worker such as Physicians, Nurses, RT, and Surgical assistants).
It allows for health care workers to
  • Schedule shifts (themselves or with the assistance of a scheduler/department Chief),
  • calculate hrs worked ( and payments),
  • communicate (secrely and with audit trail) with schedulers and other users
  • Submit their availability
  • Switch shifts (wth or without restrictions)
When you are ready try our software, let our team give you an online demo of our software.

Why consider our software?

Over the past several years, we have exclusively focused our attention on developing and implementing solutions for health care providers. When you use our software, you can be assured that it has been tested and optimized for the challenging needs of health care industry. Here are a few
  • Secure : designed with security in mind for you and your clients/ employees
  • Simple to use: menus are written using common terms and features are logically positioned for ease of use
  • Stable : our product has proven itself as being reliable and accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world
  • Scalable : our product can accommodate departments with 2 users all the way to over 5000 users with ease

What makes us different from other scheduling software providers?

We work in the health care industry and we realize their unique challenges. Traditionally, most health care providers have relied on large impersonal companies to provide them with their software needs. While there may be a need for this, we provide some unique advantages over these traditional avenues. Here are just a few reasons
  • No long term contracts : We don't believe in long term contracts that bind you. If you are happy with our product you will continue to use it and thus we are motivated to make your experience as pleasant as possible.
  • Free trial period: Depending on the software chosen and options, we provide up to a 3 month trial period . . no buyers remorse . . you test it and see whether it works for your department
  • No software to purchase : There is no expensive software or frequent upgrades that you need to buy. We provide and maintain the software and IT infrastructure for you. You simply lease it for the time frame that you are using it.
  • Free Customization : While we offer a lot of flexibility, we realise that no two departments are excatly alike, so we will customize your software to best reflect how your department wants to use our software.


What can you do with our scheduling module?
  • Generate a schedule: We provide you with the option to create a schedule either manually or automatically. You can also partially fill a schedule with a fixed rotation or users. We also provide you access to unique algorithms that will assist you in generating a schedule free of scheduling errors.
  • Availability : Easily allow users to enter their shift preference, view the aggregate request of other users and/or request for time off. The scheduler has access to all this information when he/she is creating a schedule . . . so no more wasting time looking at multiple screens or multiple email requests to identify a user's shift preference.
  • Schedule display : Easily customize the display to see the schedule the way you want to see it.
  • Release schedule in stages : Control who has access to the schedule by releasing it only to groups of users you choose. This allows you to invite some users to self schedule or get first bids at any empty shifts.
  • Prevent changes : Lock your schedule to prevent users from accidentally deleting themselves. However, these users are able to add themselves to any empty shifts and switch/trade shifts amongst themselves.
  • Change shift times : Similar to a paper schedule, you can easily adjust a shifts start and stop times to reflect the actual hours worked . . . however, we offer you more control, automatic notification and an audit trail to keep everyone honest.
  • Self schedule : Allow users to add themselves to empty shifts if you choose. You can also facilitate this process by releasing the schedule in stages.
  • Keep track of changes : A robust audit trail system allow you to monitor who makes what changes.
  • Switch/ exchange shifts : Using built in tools, we make it easier for users to request and accept shift switches . . with an audit trail to keep everyone honest.
  • Take a copy with you : You can print a copy of the schedule, sync with your Microsoft's outlook or Apple's iCal application, or simply send yourself an email reminder of your shifts . . . you decide


Want a simpler and efficient way to track a user's availability?
  • Submit and Delete/modify availability : Each user can submit their availability and delete (if not locked by the scheduler), thus eliminating the need to send multiple emails or search for the latest email to find a user's availability
  • Request Time Off : For departments that work on a fixed rotation, now it is easier than ever to submit your request for time off. Depending on your site, individual users may be able to get status updates on their request.
  • Simplify the job of scheduling : Your department scheduler can easily incorporate a users availability when developing a schedule . . . no more need for having multiple emails or multiple screens open to see the schedule and user's availability at the same time


What can the Payment module do for you?
  • Calculate Hrs : With a few clicks of the the mouse, your department scheduler or billing agent can accurately generate a list of hours worked and calculate payments based on this information.
  • Invoices : Now, with one program , create & delete invoices so that you can keep all the payment information in one place. This make it easier to adjust in case hours or overtime calculations need to be adjusted.
  • Distribute Bonus, special payments, premiums : With our unqiue algorithms, you can easily distribute these extra payments based on hours worked or simply invoice specific amounts to certain users . . . you decide.
  • View Payments : Allow users to see their payments before any cheques are issues and this eliminate payment errors. Users can only see their own payments unless they have been granted access by your site.


Need a better way to communicate . . . let our communication module help!
  • Group or individual emails : With a few clicks of your mouse, easily send a group email to all users, local users or specific groups of MD. No more searching for a distribution list or having to verify that the most accurate email address is available . . .you will have access to accurate emails and the correct distribution list 24/7.
  • Remind Me : Easily send a user their latest schedule so that there are no excuses for not showing up.
  • Email notification of schedule changes : With any released/ published calendar, if a user's shift is affected, they will automatically get an email notification of the changes . . . now no more fear of "forgetting" to inform the users of changes.
  • Notify Me : Depending on your site's configuration, with one click of a button, quickly notify eligible users of any empty shifts . . no more need to waste time calling and/or sending individual emails. The algorithms are intelligent enough to only notify those users that can potentially fill a shift rather than every user.
  • Secure View : This optional component allows your department to post confidential material onLine without fear that it will be copied, emailed or printed. You can control who has access to this information.
  • CME and Department View : Post non-confidential material so that your users have one stop access to educational and policy/procedural material. This enable you to save paper and printing cost.

Speciality Clinics

We are introducing a module to schedule patients into specialty Clinics. More information is available upon request