How can our software benefit you and your department?

Our software has been designed to cater to the needs of various types of users found in most departments. We have optimized the software to help each user achieve more with fewer resources, less headaches, greater accuracy and fewer errors to enable your department to continue to function as one cohesive unit.

  • Individual users have a clean and efficient interface to see their upcoming shifts, access their latest schedule(s). They also have access to additional tools (such as availability, shift switch/exchange, payments, etc) to faciliates greater control over their schedules and payment processes.
  • Administrators can generate reports with a few clicks of the button, quickly identify areas of concern, watch payroll cost and monitor overtime shifts.
  • Department heads now has access to a complete set of tools to generate a schedule from scratch, indentify scheduling errors and also guide their decisions on who should be slotted into any empty shifts. They can easily also identify the hours worked for each user and this ensures greater control over the scheulling process. They also have the option to deligate some of these scheduling functions to basic users so that they can have limited self scheduling.
  • Billing clerks have access to acurate hours worked and the breakdown of weekend, weekday, night and holiday shifts . . . so no more searching for the master schedule and/or veirfying hours to complete the payroll process . . . everything is at their finger tips.
  • Department schedulers have tools to identify who is next in line for a shift, avoid scheduling errors (such as double booking or booking back to back shifts), generate a schedule from a user's availability, change the shift structure and control who has access to a schedule. They also can easily remind users of their upcoming shifts and be assured that any last minute changes to the schedule will be send to the affected users . . .so no more excuses for users not showing up for shifts.

Want more information . . . see the specific user type tabs to discover more about the benefits our software can provide


For Administrators: it has never been easier to keep tabs on your department's schedule:

  1. Access: Our services are accessible 24/7 from anywhere there is an internet connection.
  2. Security : Be reassured that schedule and payment information are securely stored and only accessible to users your department authorizes.
  3. Improve efficiency: Provides your department head and scheduler(s) with the tools to do much more with fewer errors and less headaches.
  4. Reduce Cost: Savings in Time and Human resources along with ability to quickly identify overtime and sick call shifts will help reduce your scheduling cost.
  5. Accurate Payments: With an up-to-date schedule, it is easy for your billing agents to rapidly and accurately calculate shift payments without any errors
  6. Reduce Manpower needs: With the computational power of our unique algorithms, less personnel hrs are needed to manage your schedule(s).
  7. Improve employee competence: By providing a platform to post and view CME (continuing medical education) articles/presentations, your department members will improve their knowledge base and compliance with department policies
  8. Securely and confidentially distribute information to your employees: Using the optional "Secure view" module, distribute information for your users without having to worry that the information will be printed, copied or emailed to unintended individuals
  9. Guarantee availability: we are a privately controlled corporation that will not be subjected to labor disruptions and/or unforeseen union restrictions . . .thus, we will be there 24/7 rain or shine and whether you have a picket line or not.

Department Head

For Department Heads or Directors: We can help reduce your headaches and frustration by providing you with a unique set of tools to manage your department's schedule.

  1. Access : Always have access to your department's latest schedule from any where in the world 24/7.
  2. Equity : Easily identify the hours and shifts for each user and generates a fairer schedule.
  3. Reduce your work load : Unique tools built into our program allow users to self manage some aspects of their schedule . . . thus, reducing your workload if you choose to activate these features.
  4. Audit Trails : Keeps track of all changes so you can be assured of who initiated and accepted any changes in case of a dispute.
  5. Payments : Ensure that hours worked and payments to each user are calculated accurately each and every time using our payment module. You can restrict who has access to this information.
  6. Educate: The optional CME module provides you with a platform to disseminate articles/presentation to improve your users' knowledge base and competency.
  7. Securely and confidentially distribute information to your employees: The optional "Secure view" module enable you or other members in your department to distribute information using a secure portal and without fear that the information will be copied, emailed or printed for unintended users.

Individual User

For Individual Users: Now exercise greater control over your schedule with some of our unique tools:

  1. Accessible : Review your schedule 24/7 from anywhere in the world . .. no more waiting time and effort to locate the master schedule.
  2. Master Schedule : Be reassured, once the schedule is published, you will always have access to the latest schedule . . including any unfilled shifts.
  3. Error Protection : Built in tools helps schedulers avoid double booking or scheduling back to back shifts.
  4. Switch/ Exchange shifts : We make it easier for you to switch/ trade or give up a shift . . no mess no fuss.
  5. Accurate Payments : View and verify your shifts, hours worked and payments before cheques are issued.
  6. Automatic notification : Get email notification of any changes made by another user that affects your shifts.
  7. Educate : The optional CME module allows your department to provide you with the tools to maintain your competence and access to the departments latest procedures and policies.
  8. Stay Informed : The optional "Secure view" allows your department to post confidential information for you and/or your colleagues to view without fear of it being printed, emailed or copied to unintended individuals.


For Department Schedulers: Now generate a schedule with ease and accuracy

  1. Reduce workload : Built in tools allow you to off load some of the work of scheduling to each user and at the same time, retain control.
  2. Availability : Easily see each users preferences/availability while you are generating a schedule. . . no more looking at multiple emails or screens to identify the user's availability.
  3. Automate: We provide you with tools to generate a schedule from scratch or partially fill a schedule . . . its your choice.
  4. Publish schedules : Release the calendar/schedule in stages and thus allow local users to pick up any unfilled shifts before regional users or third party scheduling agencies.
  5. Lock schedules : Restrict users from accidentally deleting themselves from the schedule.
  6. Reduce Scheduling errors : Our unique tools and algorithms helps you identify potential users to fill an empty shift and also notifies you of potential scheduling errors.
  7. New Users : Easily add new users and keep their contact information up to date . . . no more searching through multiple emails looking for the new user's information.
  8. Notification: Easily notify any user of a change in their schedule or relie on our built in tools to automatically email the affected users of any changes.
  9. Remind: We provide some unique tools to remind users of their upcoming shifts . . . No more excuses for not showing up.

Billing Agent

For Billings Agents : Reduce the errors and time taken to calculate the payroll for your department

  1. Payments : Using our secure and user friendly payment module, easily calculate the hours worked, breakdown of weekend/weekday/night shifts and payments (based on an hourly rate) . . . no more struggling for the latest schedule.
  2. Bonus : Easily redistribute bonus/premiums without the need to do any calculations on your part.
  3. Bookkeeping : The optional "Bookkeeping" module allows you to reconcile the department's finances.
  4. Invoices: Create, delete and modify any invoices to create "line-item" payments for individual users.
  5. Verification: Allow payees to view the onLine statement(s) to verify accuracy before any cheques are written or printed.