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22 Jun 2011
Intracranial hemorrhage with tPA use:

What is the rate of symptomatic intracranial hemorrhage resulting from tPA use for acute ischemic stroke in general clinical practice? 

23 May 2011
Repair of aortic dissections:

Type A acute aortic dissections typically require surgical repair within hours of hospital presentation. Type B AADs are commonly treated medically with antihypertensives. What are the indications for surgical or endovascular repair for type B AADs?

23 May 2011
CURB-65 and Acute Pneumonia:

The CURB-65 is an easy-to-use score that has been validated to aid admission decisions for acute pneumonia.  A score of 2 usually requires admission.  What are the components of CURB-65? 

19 May 2011
Gravid uterus and circulation:

At what gestational age does the gravid uterus reach a size the will compromise aortocaval blood flow and cardiac output?